Flexibility, Purpose, and Balance For Nurses

Nurses bring incredible value to the marketplace, both at the bedside and way beyond the bedside. We awaken nurses to the value they bring and empower them to get reimbursed for that value.  

We use a simple, turn-key system that enables nurses to enjoy a life that allows them to be more than nurses; a life where work does not interfere with their ability to also enjoy being wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, children, and friends; a life where they can be passionate about what they do, get paid well for it, and live life on their own terms, centered around what matters most to them.  

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Seven Qualities That Make Our Business Model Unique

Now that we've outlined a few ways our business model addresses what entrepreneurs are looking for, let's explore how Nursing Outside the Box is different from other coaching programs.

How is Nursing Outside the Box Different?

Most coach certification programs offer academic training for a predetermined period of time. When you finish with your course, you are on your own to figure out how to launch your business, make the difference you hope to make, and generate the income you hope to generate.  

We, on the other hand, link arms with you so that you could start making the difference you hope to make and generate the income you hope to generate from day one. Although we do offer the opportunity for certification and resources to become a competent coach, we are not an academic program. We are an implementation program. We offer mentorship, support, and partnership in your pursuit of the career and life you want that lasts for as long as you are actively pursuing it.  

What We Offer

  • Turn-key system 
  • Evidence-based system 
  • One-on-one business mentorship 
  • Personal Health Coaching 
  • Weekly trainings 
  • Community of coaches  
  • Client support community 
  • Website 
  • Social media coaching 
  • Periodic client challenges 
  • Scripts  

Tools To Make Your Job Easier


Your job as a coach is to provide support and accountability to your clients on a regular, consistent, and frequent basis. 

With our system, you can do this from anywhere, as long as you can take your phone and laptop.


We believe health does not come in a pill, but rather in the daily choices we make, the choices that make up our habits. It involves sleep, drinking water, nutrition, activity, support and mindset. 

We offer you and your clients a Habits of health educational resource that makes it possible for you to empower your CLIENTS to become the experts on their own health. 

That takes the pressure off of YOU to be the expert and helps you use your time most efficiently.


Nothing influences human behavior more than other human behavior. That is why we provide both you and your clients an online community of individuals that are all trying to take their health to the next level.

This community provides support to your clients 24/7...even when you are not available. 


We utilize simple meal plans that fit into any crazy schedule. The simpicity of the plans increase compliance, which increase success, which increase fulfillment for you and satisfaction for your clients.

About the Founder, Donni Alvarenga

Donni's passion for wellness was born during the 8 years she worked as an oncology nurse at Florida Hospital and the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute. She became obsessed with cancer prevention and shifted her career focus to pediatrics, where she hoped she could help raise healthy families. She devoted a total of 14 years of her career to figuring out how she could empower health in her patients. In 2006, she graduated from the University of Central Florida, where she earned a Certificate of Health Professional Education and her Masters of Science in Nursing. She became a became board certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and went on to practice for 5 years. During that time, she co­founded the Fit Kid Club, which was a weight management program for kids. 

In 2011, she became a certified Health Coach in partnership with the Center for Obesity Prevention and Education at Villanova University and started her own Virtual Health and Business Coaching practice, Mission: Healthy People. That's when it got fun! When she realized was not "just" a nurse. She realized she was also a daughter, wife, mother, and friend. As much as she enjoyed nursing and serving others, she realized that she also enjoys living life! That's when she chose to not allow nursing define who she was and what she could do with my time.

She now helps people create physical health for themselves by helping them develop healthy habits and losing weight. She helps people create mental health for themselves by helping them find a sense of purpose in their work and helping them identify what matters most to them so they could plan their lives around what’s most important. She helps people create financial health for themselves by training health coaches to help others. She is passionate about helping people create what they imagine impossible. 

She founded Nursing Outside the Box to help nurses find what many imagine impossible: more purpose, balance, and flexibility in what they do for a living. She understands the challenges and is passionate about delivering hope and tools to help nurses live an extraordinary life.

About the Founder, David Bush

Through his health and wellness coaching business and motivational speaking, David Bush inspires leaders to design and live extraordinary lives. His passion for developing healthy leaders, teams and organizations translate into a high-energy and powerful message that empowers individuals to live their dreams and change their world. His captivating message on how ordinary people can live extraordinary lives by taking the Six Steps to Success has become a life operating system for many influential leaders worldwide. 

After succeeding as a former All­American collegiate athlete at the University of South Dakota and graduating with a degree in Mass Communication, David pursued a professional football career and landed a starting role with the Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena Football League in Des Moines, Iowa. After four years of playing professional football and two trips to the World Championship game (’96 and ’97 Arena Bowl), David entered the world of mortgage banking and quickly became a top producing Mortgage Consultant, Regional Manager and eventually a business owner with 18 offices across three states. 

In 2004, David became a peak performance coach and motivational speaker and began coaching entrepreneurs to grow extraordinary businesses. He now leads a nationwide team of Certified Coaches and Health Professionals who coach thousands of individuals to change their life through improved health and wellness. David currently lives in Pella, Iowa with his wife, Kristen, and their three children Cassidy, Morgan, and Beau.

Nursing Outside the Box Ambassadors

Joslyn Bear, APRN

Leah Gabriel, APRN

Working with Nursing outside the box has truly been life changing. I went from a struggling Lifestyle Coach to a thriving Lifestyle Coach in just a short time. The difference between before NOTB & now is like night & day. I now have freedom to design my Nursing career around what matters most to me while still making a huge impact on people’s health.

Shelley Henk, RN, BSN

When I joined NOTB as a Health Coach, I had been looking for more meaning and purpose in my life and in my career. Although I enjoyed my many roles in nursing, I still wasn't feeling fulfilled. Fast forward one year and I am so grateful that I started when I did. I have found that purpose and fulfillment that I was looking for. I love the freedom and flexibility that I can work my business from anywhere. 

Kitty Clements, RN, BSN

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