What We Offer

We empower you with all the tools to help you achieve what you want by doing. The tools make it easier for you to do what you probably already know.

  • A personal health coach that keeps in touch with you frequently and virtually over the phone and online. 
  • A physician-led, clinically proven program and a network of support professionals (including nutritionists, personal trainers, physicians, and nurses). 
  • Weekly health classes, available entirely online.  
  • A community of support. 
  • Simple meal plans to fit your health goals. 
  • Results. 

Hear What Other Clients Have Said

"After 4 weeks I’ve lost over 17 pounds. Y’all, that amazes me! But even more important than the lost weight is how I’ve also lost that hopeless certainty that nothing would ever help me change. And THAT is life-changing."

Lisa Trogdon

I got tired of progressively failing health. So I enlisted the help of a health coach. She has led me to a program that incorporates health and wellness, modifying life choices and habits, healthy eating, rest, and tailored exercise (like yard work, walking, exercise bike, whatever). The first day I found that my regular administration of pill form diabetes medicines were suddenly too much.  

In short, I came off my diabetes medicine day one, and I lost 11.9 lbs. in only 5 days!! I am excited about cementing the new life changes, improved health, and beating diabetes. The key is continuing the life changes and choices I've made (that's where the coach and support comes in).

Tracy Trogdon

Ready to Create the Health You Desire?

Reminder: We have a limit of 6 new clients/month.